ZOMBIEBUCKET 1.1.0 – Further Adventures in a Bucket are available on App Store!

After a winter break, Submachine Factory fell in love with SUBPIXELS. And SUBPIXELS thought that Zombiebucket is something incredible. Today, with the newest update, we are starting a new chapter in Zombiebucket’s history. RATED Z FOR ZOMBIES!

New stuff from Paweł, Filip and Michał:

  • New SUPERHOT Bucket, made in collaboration with our friends from the SUPERHOT Team
  • New Hardcore Bucket, because we want to make you cry
  • Undead Bandit – Spin the wheel and randomize ridiculous game modifiers
  • Lawnmowers
  • New Collectible Superzombies and Achievements
  • Classical Music to soothe your nerves
  • Gameplay and User Experience improvements
  • Zombies filled with confetti
  • Even bigger explosions