It’s Raining Dead! ZOMBIEBUCKET is a fast-paced, pixel-art Arcade Match-3 Zombie Slasher. It’s fun, entertaining and educational. It makes you smart and attractive. And, last but not least, it’s probably the only video game out there about Zombies in a Bucket. Literally. Why pop jelly beans or watermelons when you can pop Zombies? You won’t need the real world any more.

Featuring bazillions of Zombies, explosions, multiple buckets, power-ups, explosions, unlockables, explosions and collectible Superzombies (Gotta slash’em all!).

Now, in case you’re more of a bulleted list person, here is a bulleted list for you:

  • Kill Zombies with Lasers, Explosions and Electricity
  • Unlock and upgrade your buckets
  • Create luscious combos
  • Explosions
  • Catch all collectible Superzombies
  • Compete with your friends and become the most skilled BucketMaster in the Universe


Get ZOMBIEBUCKET now and say hello to your new delightful addiction.

Let There Be Brains!


Developers: Submachine Factory.


  • Best Indie Mobile Game Award @ Digital Dragons 2015