In SPHAZE, you will manipulate impossible mazes and guide mysterious robots through stunningly beautiful worlds.

SPHAZE is a relaxing exploration through fantasy and sci-fi worlds. Guide the mysterious robots through different areas, solving arcade puzzles, challenging your reflex, and helping the energetic RoBeep.

A perfect mixture of arcade puzzles from Cut the Rope with the beautiful design of Monument Valley!

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Stephen Gregson-Wood
Stephen Gregson-WoodPocket Gamer
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The developer describes the game as being a blend of the puzzles you'd find in a game like Cut the Rope but with the presentation of something like Monument Valley. Two titans of the mobile gaming industry to draw inspiration from that's for sure. While we can't yet comment on the gameplay, it certainly does look very pretty.
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I've really been enjoying my time playing Sphaze. The great attention to detail shows this to be a labor of love. From the futuristic user interface underscored by subtle, accented sounds to the introductory handholding in the first few levels and the rapid difficulty ramp-up early on (at least for me). Thankfully, the game is very forgiving, sans punishing timers, providing gamers with quick level resets should their first or fifth attempts to solve them fail. The overall vibe is a relaxing puzzler meant to promote and encourage problem-solving rather than frustrate and discourage it. Anyone who loves solving puzzles and a sizeable amount of eye-candy should really do themselves a favor and pick this up.
Harry Slater
Harry SlaterGAMEZEBO
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A gorgeous and engaging maze-based puzzler that’s filled with great ideas and tricky challenges. It’ll make you scratch your head in all of the correct ways.
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